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posted by Shelly2702
19 August 2020

Am I worrying for nothing???

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I don't know if I should even be posting here as I've not been diagnosed with cancer......but...well I'm worried!
I had a smear done 3 weeks ago & the results came back HPV positive & with abnormal cells & I've been referred for a colposcopy.
By way of background I'm 47 & I can't even remember the last time I went for a smear (yes I know I know) & the reason I was sent for this one was because I had been experiencing abdominal discomfort ranging from a dull ache to a really bad period like cramps & over the last few months. Initially I thought it was just either ovulation pain or period pain but it started lasting longer & longer. Also I'm on the continuous pill so I've no periods at all so shouldn't really have that type of pain (or should I?). My stomach can go hard as a rock when I have these pains & very tender to touch & even feels like I have small lumps under the skin but these are along my c-section scar so I put it down to scar tissue. I've told my GP all of this which is why he sent me for a smear & also for an ultrasound next week.
I'm guess what I'm asking is should I be worried given the HPV & abnormal cells & these symptoms?

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commented by Cancer Nurse
21 August 2020

2 years ago

Hi Shelly2702,

Thank you for posting and I’m sorry to read that you have been unwell with stomach pains , it is understandable and normal to feel worried when having medical tests and investigations.  Many women do feel distressed when they get abnormal cervical screening results.

HPV is a very common virus, there are over 100 strains of this virus, some of which may cause cancer.  As your results have come back as HPV positive with abnormal cells, it is standard procedure to go for further testing, abnormal cells do not mean that they are cancerous, but they may lead to cancer so it is important to get them checked out. At the colposcopy appointment, they will examine the cervix and decide if the abnormal cells need to be removed or if they need to be sent for a biopsy.  With these results and with the ultrasound that you will be having next week, it will give a clearer picture to your GP what might be causing this pain.

It may help how you are feeling to speak with your friends or family about what is happening, it can be very worrying and stressful and support may be helpful while you are having these tests.  If you would like to speak with a cancer nurse about what is happening, please call us on 1800 200 700, we can have a chat about what is happening and try support you in any way we can.

All the best,

Cancer nurse.


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