Breast cancer
posted by Siobhan S
17 November 2020

Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Hope all are doing ok. Found out yesterday my breast cancer is now at Stage 4. I dont know what to do or how yo feel!

Found a breast lump in June. Pre op scans threw up a query which docs were happy to check again after 3 months.

Had a mastectomy and complete auxiliary clearance in Sept.

My chemo is to start next week. I recovered really well post mastectomy and have been getting with life, getting walking and looking forward to getting back to work after chemo.

The repeat bone scan has confirmed a lesion on one of my ribs so now I have gone from Stage 2 to Stage 4 overnight.

Now i feel it's all up in the air again! It's like I'm living someone else's life, it's weird.

Anyone out there similar story that can share their experience?





commented by ciaramcg
17 November 2020

3 months ago

Hi Siobhan,
I just found out today that I am stage 4. I was also considered stage 2, hadn't started treatment yet.
Had bone scan and CT scan yesterday and the bone scan showed spots on ribs and spine. I've to get an MRI and biopsy on spine.

Due to start chemo in 2 weeks which will be tweaked now due to changes in the bones.

Its an awful shock as I'm sure it was for you. Will take me a few days to process x

commented by grasshopper
26 November 2020

2 months ago

Hope you are both doing ok, it's a terrible shock to be diagnosed stage 4, I'm a year on from being told, and I still can't believe it, I've 2 young kids...

commented by ladybird
29 December 2020

1 month ago

I was also told 23 that I was now stage 4, it is hard to process. It there any way to private message each other?

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