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posted by EmmieP
17 June 2020

Rethinking my reconstruction

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Hi all. New to the forum! Diagnosed with breast cancer 2.5 years ago, single mastectomy and my chemo treatment, which I finished 18 months ago. Still on the wait list for a reconstruction. I’ve been thinking a lot about moving forward and I’m reconsidering having the reconstruction at all. Has anyone been in similar situation? Anyone not had a Reconstruction done and regretting it or happy with their decision? Any thoughts would be a help! Thank you x



commented by hellokitty
19 June 2020

8 months ago

Hello. I had reconstruction done almost 5 years ago and for me it was the best decision. More work at time of op but it still feels great

commented by Cancer Nurse
25 June 2020

8 months ago

Hi Emmiep,


Thanks for posting, I hope you have been keeping well since your cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Deciding on having a reconstruction can be a very difficult choice, there is no right or wrong decision but it is important that you decide what is best for you.  You can discuss with your surgeon about what your reconstruction options are and what the pros and cons of these may be.  I have linked to our webpage on reconstruction, there you can download our booklet on breast reconstruction which may be helpful. BRECONDA is a tool that may help with your decision. It may also help to speak with other women about their experiences, what factors helped influence their decisions and how they now feel about their decision.   If you want to get in touch with us on the Nurseline (1800 200 700) we can organise for you to speak with a volunteer who have had a reconstruction and a volunteer who has not had a reconstruction to discuss their decisions.  

Kind Regards,

Cancer Nurse

commented by Redrobin
29 August 2020

5 months ago

Hi. I know this was originally about reconstruction but I'd like to know something a little different. I had a right mastectomy in June. Prosthetic is too heavy and all my bras ride up onto my scar if I just wear the little sponge form. I find I'm sore after about two hours in any of my bras. I've full range of movement and no cording. I'm not interested in a reconstruction of any kind as I'm not willing to risk complications. I've done so well recovering physically, I just don't want to risk it. I know my surgeon is going to ask me at my 6 month checkup, would I like a reconstruction. My question (finally) is, can I ask for a mastectomy on the other side? I'm on Tamoxifen for the next 5 years. I breast fed all my babies so my breasts owe me nothing. Can I ask for my non-cancerous breast to be removed? My physical appearance matters very little to me. I've discussed it with my family and they just want me to be happy. So, is it something I can ask for?

commented by rum
05 July 2020

7 months ago

Hi Emmie,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, had chemo and then skip and nipple spared mastectomy with immediate implant based reconstruction. Then I got two severe infections and decided to have my implant removed. Now I am on the waiting list for DIEP reconstruction. I wasn't offered this type of reconstruction initially and I don't know why.
Based on my negative experience I would not recommend implants. I felt uncomfortable and my breast didn't look natural.
For me it is good to have normal looking body and be able to wear whatever I want. The prosthesis drives me mad and I'm looking forward to my operation.

commented by Redrobin
29 August 2020

5 months ago

I hear ya sister. I totally hate my prosthetic.

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