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posted by Sunshine23
28 September 2022

RCHOP Chemo and Radiotherapy

Last reply: 12 October 2022 15:57

Hi there - recently diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and will be starting RChop chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy.
I am dreading it all.
What can I expect?
Tips to help make the process a bit easier?
Anyone been through this and can tell me what to expect?


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commented by Cancer Nurse
12 October 2022

12 October 2022 15:57

Hi ‘Sunshine23’

Thank you for posting your message on our online Forum. I am sorry to see you have not heard back from others who have had R-CHOP and radiotherapy. It is an anxious time starting treatment and not knowing what to expect. 

We are all cancer nurses on our support line and would very much like to support you at this time. We can discuss with you what to expect, side-effects from treatment and tell you some tips and hints you might find helpful to get you through this too. We can also post to you our books on this type of cancer and managing side-effects.  

There are other means of support the Irish Cancer Society also offer such as counselling and our volunteer driver service. When we are talking to you we can discuss this and whatever you would find helpful.

It would be nice for you to speak to someone who has been through this treatment. This is something we can arrange over the phone. We can put you in touch with one of our trained Peer to Peer volunteers who has had this treatment for  Non-hodgkins Lymphoma.

I do hope we will hear from you

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse.

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