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posted by siobhan123
30 July 2020

Breast reconstruction

Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi I have just had an appointment with the plastic surgeon about a breast reconstruction the option I am thinking of is breast reconstruction by latissimus dorsal flap and then I will need a reduction on the other breast I would love to hear from anyone who has had this done to hear their experience. I had my mastectomy in January 2019 and finished radiation in May of that year. I am feeling well but I am worried about putting my body through this and if I will be strong enough for this op.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
06 August 2020

1 year ago

Hi Siobhan123,

I’m very sorry to read that you were treated for breast cancer last year but I am glad to see that you are now feeling well.  Deciding on breast reconstruction surgery can be very difficult, many women do feel worried about having further surgery after treatment for breast cancer.  Making this decision is a very personal choice, it may help to speak with your surgeon that you are worried about reconstruction and the impact it will have on you.  Our booklet on breast reconstruction has further information on different considerations and what to expect after surgery, that may be helpful for you.

We may be able to put you in touch with a peer support volunteer who has had a DIEP flap reconstruction, although not the same type of surgery it may help to speak with someone who has had a similar experience and how they made their decision.  If you feel it might be helpful to talk with a cancer nurse about your situation please call us on 1800 200 700, we can try support you in making a decision for surgery.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse

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