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posted by NewHere
06 March 2015

Safe Cleaning and Personal Care Products?

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A relative of mine was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and starts chemotherapy very soon.

Their doctor has given them very strict guidelines to follow in relation to cleaning products and personal products; no fragrances/perfumes/harsh chemicals etc.

Could anyone recommend products that would not irritate their lungs or skin in any way? I'm finding it particularly hard to find a safe washing powder to use.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
02 April 2015

4 years ago

Dear Newhere,
I’m sorry to hear that your relative is undergoing treatment for a lymphoma. We would suggest that they ask their doctor or nurse in the oncology unit of their hospital about which skin care products to use as they as may have specific guidelines on this which may be influenced by the type and nature of what drug they may be receiving.
I hope that this is helpful.
Kind regards,
Cancer Services Information Nurse

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