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posted by baldygirl
08 November 2008


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Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone on the site who has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - it doesn't seem to have made it to the list of topics. I was diagnosed in early July after spending 9 weeks in hospital undergoing tests. I still can't understand why it took so long to find out what it was. Before that I had been visiting my GP with various unrelated pains and aches and fatigue which in hindsight pointed to the disease but didn't seem connected at the time. I wonder if this is a common problem or was I just unlucky. I have stage IV non Hodgkins follicular centre cell lymphoma which is also in the bone marrow. I am getting 8 cycles of R Chop and 6 cycles of chemo into the spine. I have just completed cycle 5 and am feeling well now. I spent a total of four and a half months in hospital as I got bacterial infections. I am home for 5 weeks now and it is heaven. I wonder does anyone know anything about 'centre cell' as all the literature mentions B cell and Tcell but never centre cell. Would love to talk someone.



commented by Irish Cancer Society
20 November 2008

11 years ago

Dear Baldygirl,

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the difficult time that you have been going through. I hope someone from the forum will reply to you soon.

Follicular lymphoma is a common type of non-hodgkins lymphoma. It is defined as a lymphoma of follicle center B-cells called centrocytes and centroblasts. This may be where the term ‘centre cell’ has arisen from but your Consultant will clarify this term for you.

I just wanted to let you know that the Cancer Information Service is open to you. You can speak to a nurse on freefone 1800 200 700, or chat online at http://www.cancer.ie/chat/ Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm, & Fri 9am-5pm. Alternatively you can email helpline@irishcancer.ie at any time.

We can put you in contact with a volunteer from Lymphoma Support Ireland www.lymphoma.ie. These trained volunteers are people who have been through Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma or Hodgkin’s disease and they would be more then happy to talk to you.

We have a booklet called Understanding Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma please find link attached : http://www.cancer.ie/pdf/Types_of_Cancer/Non-Hodgkin_2007.pdf

The Irish Cancer Society fund a counselling service and this can be accessed in certain parts of the country. If you or your family wish to contact the freefone helpline at 1800 200 700 or email: helpline@irishcancer.ie and we would be very happy to recommend one in your area.
There are also cancer support centres around the country which offer confidential support, information and holistic therapies including relaxation and visualisation etc. These support centres complement the primary medical treatment with education and psychological care for people with cancer and those who care for them. Again, please call us at 1800 200 700 and we will recommend one close to where you live.

Kind Regards

commented by wexman
23 June 2009

11 years ago

I've also been recently diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphona. I've had 2 chemo sessions so far.

I've a question re night sweats, I am still getting these quite regularly, sometimes even worse than before I was diagnosed.

I was under the impression that the sweats would decline once, chemo started?

Is the correct or will these continue during treatment



commented by Sandra Balfe
20 March 2011

9 years ago

At last.... I have found someone else with NHL!!! Yipee... I have recently been diagnosed with Grade 4 a non hodgins lymphoma and I am still trying to come to terms with it all. I feel I have so much to learn. It's all so new and scary. I have had 2 R-CHOP chemo sessions and the hair is gone... miss it!! I really wanted to chat to other people who are experiencing the same as myself
This forum is very new to me and I hope I'll be able to figure it out asap so i can make regular contact with all you NHL sufferers. We can all learn and share from one another.

commented by mijennie
28 October 2011

8 years ago

I was diagonised less than two weeks ago,Ive had one round of chemo so still have my hair,although some has come out in the shower.

Im 25,and have two daughters under two years,I am tired to say the least,I know I cant spend the next 6-8 mths on the couch,but its so hard to get motivated...I hope Im not this tired after nxt session.

commented by irishcailin
01 February 2012

8 years ago

I also have STAGE 4 NHL but unfortunatly I'm in the unlucky 15% where it comes back again once it's gone. I'm 27 and I was told that the NHL was all dead in October but I went back for my 3 month scan and found out it's back again with a vegence Image removed. It's time for round 2!

Last time I had 6 sessions of RCHOP and 3 sessions of metatrexadate (brain chemo) I lost my hair 2 weeks after I started Chemo and it took 4 days and then I was bald. I went from having long hair (half way down my back) to no hair in four days. Now that was hard and anyone who tells you it isn't lies. Image removed. The treatment worked and it went away.

Now to get rid of it again I need 3 sessions of chemo each lasting 3 - 4 days in hospital and stem cell transplant which is 3 - 4 weeks in hospital! I'm just scared that I have to do it all over again. my hair has finally started growing back and now I'll lose it again!

I've been through it once if You have any questions and think I can help!

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