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posted by sunflower
16 August 2012

Teeth falling apart

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Over the last few months my teeth have been falling apart. Has this happened anyone else? I had 6 months of chemo and 33 sessions of RT. Finished this last year. It has been a bit of a shock as I look after them!!



commented by Madge1
27 August 2012

9 years ago


I have had problems with my gums and toothaches. I went through chemo and33 radio with no problems but since treatment finished have had issues. I finished treatment at end of February with just herceptin until June. Also my hair is not growing back beginning to bother me at this stage.

Hope your teeth are starting to settle and life is treating you well.

Look after yourself
Madge x

commented by sunflower
29 August 2012

9 years ago

Thanks for your reply Madge. I had 6 months of chemo and 33 r.t. It takes the hair a while to come back to what it was. mine has come back really curlly! When the rain comes I have to cover it up as one part is straight(blowed dried straight) and some of it curly. I trimed it a few times before I let it grow a bit longer.

commented by Babyboo
24 January 2021

10 months ago

you're teeth and gums can really suffer from chemo... partly cos medications cause dry mouth. Reduced saliva flow causes havoc in the mouth when you pair it with a compromised immune system also. Try sugar free gum to encourage saliva flow and plenty of plain water- no lemons etc in it.

make sure to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss or use interdental brushes- (at night is best, instead of morning) if you go to bed with a clean mouth there's less bacteria there to thrive- we produce little/no saliva when sleeping so bacteria have a real field day when youre asleep esp if there small food particles left behind.

if using mouthwash make sure its alcohol free as alcohol dries the mouth out also. Don't use it straight after brushing though as you wash away fluoride from the toothpaste.

aloclair is good for mouth ulcers if you suffer from them.

unfortunately gum disease can start/progress more rapidly when you are immunocompromised. avoiding smoking, keeping healthy and following good hygiene are the best ways to combat.

hope some of that might help!

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