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posted by Positive Girl
23 July 2012

Breast reconstruction - LD FLAP

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Hi everyone,
Having gone through a very traumatic and failed DIEP Flap just 3.5 months ago I am now looking at my options. The LD Flap has been suggested to me and I would love some feedback from u out there who have had that surgery
Who did it for you ?
can u give me the advantages / disadvantages of this surgery ?
How are you managing with the implant ?
Was your LD muscle in your back effected ?

I am v nervous about proceeding with the LD Flap as the failed DIEP took 20 hrs and only now 3.5 months later am I beginning to get my energy back.

Thanks for your help

Viv x Image removed.



commented by Gtlheart
26 July 2012

7 years ago

Hi Positive girl. I am sorry it did not work out first time. I hope the second reconstruction will be a success. I don't need any reconstruction myself so I am of no help there. I just wanted to let you know I am wishing you well and thinking of you cos I remember when I posted my first post ( I was checking day and night for any answers )and as I got no answered for ages I let it upset me and it got me down, kept thinking no one even cares. So I am writing to say to you I care and wish you all the best. Good luck G x Image removed.

commented by LindyLu
27 July 2012

7 years ago

Hi Viv,

So sorry for not replying earlier in the week to your post.

I had a LD done in Aug2010 about 18 mths after diagnosis in Beaumont with a mr kneasfey. They used muscle and skin from my back with an implant 390cc if I remember right.

I had hoped for a DIEP but medics advised I did not have enough belly flab to make a D Cup (sadly I have loads to offer now and could probably make a DD!)

Am very happy with the result. Visually it looks great, pert and rounded and voluptuous! But when I lie on my tum, it does not have the squishiness of a natural boob and is therefore a little uncomfortable BUT way way way preferable to a prosthetic.

I had no surgical problems and everything healed as it should have. I used to have back problems ( had a disk removed in lower back about 5 years before all this BC stuff) so ended up with back issues but physic sorted it out and I now attend weekly pilates classes to keep me limber.

I should add that my own boobie, droopy dora is hoping for a lift some time soon. Mr K will do it to align it to pert pam the faker boob. Actually got a call from Beaumont on tues to come in on wed but it did not suit!

You might have more questions so if you do either pm me or post here. Am Dublin based (not sure where you are) if ya ever wanted to hook up and fire a load of questions to me.

All the best,


commented by Josephine
02 August 2012

7 years ago

Hi girls
I'm interested in this also as LD flap is proposed for me too. It was all set up to be done at same time as the mastectomy, but alas the nodes were positive so recon got cancelled.
But i will go for it in the future so I'll follow how you get on. I still only have the soft jelly ball thing and I find it sits higher than my own real one. It's also a pain having to pick clothes with higher neck to avoid gaping. I always loved v neck and find it hard not to keep putting my hand up to stop gaping. does it get any better with the permanent prosthesis ?


commented by Johanna
15 June 2019

11 months ago

Hi positive girl, how are you doing now, did you get the LD reconstruction, I have been offered this after a failed implant reconstruction and infection x 2operations. I am very scared and considering this as I have constant pulling of my skin after the surgery, any advice you can give me would be helpful thanks a mill..... Johanna

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