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posted by purplebeatle
30 November 2008

throut cancer

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We just found out my grandad has throut cancer he is still waitin to get a bed 2 get more tests done to see if its spread it is the size of a fist he has been having pain at his ear and throut going down his throut now and starting to get pain in the front of his head now. I was just wondering if anyone could please tell if they have had any experance with this and how they got on. I would b so thankful with luv Aoife



commented by noreen_d
02 December 2008

4 years ago

Hi Aoife,
I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad. I just wanted to tell you that I had throat cancer 3 years ago and I am now recovered. My cancer was very big when it was found, too big for surgery so I had chemo and radiotherapy. I am now cancer free. Hopefully things will go just as well with your Grandad. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them,

commented by purplebeatle
03 December 2008

4 years ago

Hi Noreen thanks so much for your reply. Hes is having a pet scan done this morning we'r hoping its hasn't spread. I had heard that cancer in the throut is less likely to spread i was wondering if you know if you had ever heard that? i hope you don't mind me asking. I am happy you recovered thank you for Your story you gave me some hope back.
Thanks again Aoife xxxx

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