Testicular cancer
posted by Rossieboy
18 October 2011

Really worried

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Went to the doctor the other day.. Foun a lump on my right testicle.. He said he was sure its a cyst but I have to go to hospital to make sure.

Doctor wants me back on Thursday to check it out. My testicle seems to be the same size but seems like there's a lot of fluid around it.

I'm really scared I have cancer. I'm only 23 & I can feel a stiffness in my back & chest pain.. Maybe it's cause I'm panicking all the time.. But I'm practically convinced I have TC.

How will I cope with this.

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commented by Margaret
19 October 2011

11 years ago

Dear Rossieboy,

I don't know how you feel but can only imagine. You have taken the first very important step and should feel proud of yourself.
Unfortunately it is a waiting game and during the time your mind works overtime and considering you are on this site it already has. That is totally understandable, however try and take things day by day. Cope with news and results as they occur, rather than pre-empting the results. I know it is easier siad than done. Hopefully it is not as bad as you think.
The back and chest pain are probably due to the stress as you said yourself. Try and be positive and talk to a close friend or family member for support. You are a brave young man for taking the step to see your GP and you will cope with whatever faces you. Think positive and hopefully you wont have long to wait.

Good Luck and will be thinking of you.

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