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posted by Tasha84
23 March 2021

Worried about lymphoma

Hey guys so long post just looking for info...
5 weeks ago I had an MRI for back pain. Physio said I had a bulging disc in L5 but also something in my L2, I was sent 3 days later to the mater private to the spinal clinic who said it was either a growth or infection. Next day to the bone specialist who said he was treating it like cancer and I needed a further MRI and ct scan with dye. That happened 4 days later. MRI showed rest of spine ok thank god. Ct scan was few days later and dr rang with results next day saying another growth in my hip but also enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and chest......very worrying he mentioned lymphoma and I was being transferred to a haematologist. So quickly had a biopsy from the nodes in my chest that was 8 days ago and I am a ball of nerves waiting on results.... so do results take this long ? Do Dr only mention cancer when they are sure ? Anyone else have a similar experience......Thanks

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