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posted by wexfordgal
12 January 2022

What’s your BC story?

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So breast cancer?

I’m currently awaiting my triple assessment but have a strong family history so I’m quite concerned .

I have a lump above the nipple about 2cm deep enough down and my breast is leaking a creamy to cloudy discharge the past while.

Just wondering what symptoms you all had before your diagnosis ? I know everyone’s journey is different but I’m just curious

Thank you



commented by Jenni53
17 January 2022

5 days ago

Hi wexfordgal

The only symptom I had before my diagnosis was a painful underarm. I found my lump whilst having a shower. The tumour in my lymph nodes under my left arm was discovered by the ultrasound I had after my mammogram.

Best of luck with your triple assessment when you have it.

Best wishes

commented by wexfordgal
21 January 2022

1 day ago

Thanks Jenni ,

How are you now may I ask?

I went to the clinic in st James and met one doctor for a physical and she got her boss then (me Boyle) and he did another physical.

That was yesterday so I’ve to go back in again Monday for a mammogram and ultrasound but they gave me no indication of what they think it may be , I’m assuming it’s sinister if they require further scans so quick but glad I’m in the system all the same .

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