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posted by wexfordgal
12 January 2022

What’s your BC story?

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So breast cancer?

I’m currently awaiting my triple assessment but have a strong family history so I’m quite concerned .

I have a lump above the nipple about 2cm deep enough down and my breast is leaking a creamy to cloudy discharge the past while.

Just wondering what symptoms you all had before your diagnosis ? I know everyone’s journey is different but I’m just curious

Thank you



commented by Jenni53
17 January 2022

1 year ago

Hi wexfordgal

The only symptom I had before my diagnosis was a painful underarm. I found my lump whilst having a shower. The tumour in my lymph nodes under my left arm was discovered by the ultrasound I had after my mammogram.

Best of luck with your triple assessment when you have it.

Best wishes

commented by wexfordgal
21 January 2022

1 year ago

Thanks Jenni ,

How are you now may I ask?

I went to the clinic in st James and met one doctor for a physical and she got her boss then (me Boyle) and he did another physical.

That was yesterday so I’ve to go back in again Monday for a mammogram and ultrasound but they gave me no indication of what they think it may be , I’m assuming it’s sinister if they require further scans so quick but glad I’m in the system all the same .

commented by GAL
25 January 2022

1 year ago

Hi WexfordGal,
I'm attending St James's as well. Diagnosed last April after the triple assessment. The only symptom I had were a mass in my upper breast which caused flattening of the skin. I had no pain or puckering. If you do get a diagnosis, I found the team at St James's brilliant. I won't give you any more details as you may not need them if it turns out to be benign so I'll check back in on your post and will follow up if you need more info. Best of luck with everything.

commented by Jenni53
26 January 2022

1 year ago

Hi wexfordgal

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you.

I’m doing good thanks. I am currently in remission after a year of treatment.

I hope your mammogram and ultrasound went ok and hopefully it won’t be anything sinister.

Let us know how you get on with your results.

Best wishes

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