Signs and symptoms
posted by cal89x
08 January 2021

Waiting Times

Hi all,

4 weeks ago I went to my doctor with a new area of lumpy tissue that was not normal. I am 31 years of age have no other symptoms and my doctor does not seem concerned at all as she told me so. My mam suffers with breasts cysts a lot and we don’t have breast cancer in the family. A referral letter has been sent but marked as non urgent. I rang the hospital today and because I am non urgent my wait could be a couple of months as the list is getting longer. I am a tad anxious but the what if and unknown is always in the back of my mind. Just wondering has anyone been in the same situation or know how long the waiting list is? I am based in cork. I am thinking of asking the doctor to send the letter privately and I will pay whatever the cost it. Thanks a million

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