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posted by katara
05 May 2021

Switching to private

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I have a number of worrying symptoms, I have ongoing pain, as well as a mass in my abdomen confirmed by 5 GPS. I was sent to a and e twice by go requesting scans. Both times I was refused as bloods were normal so they decided I am fine. Did no checks, did not even feel for mass.

That was a month ago, now I am still waiting for a colonoscopy, the gp said with how the public is atm it will be at least 4 more weeks.

So I am requesting a private test. The go wants to know where I want to go. I can't afford it, am a medical card patient. A family has offered to pay.

I am wondering where to go? Has anyone had experiences with the various private hospitals. Are they generally the same wait time/price or do they vary?

Please share your experiences and recommendations. How much they cost, how long you waited etc.


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commented by LJH
10 May 2021

8 months ago

Go through a and e in your nearest maternity hospital tell them about the pain and the symptoms quickest route to it

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