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posted by Accl
22 May 2020


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I found a suspicious looking mole on my body and have been referred by my gp to have it removed. I’m 25 years old and feeling really worried as it could take a couple of months to be seen because of the Corona virus. The doctor also told me to contact them if I notice any changes before I am seen. I guess I just want to air my worries as I’m feeling really anxious because I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting and if it is something serious the impact the waiting will have.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
25 May 2020

9 months ago

Hi there

Thanking you for posting. Waiting for further medical investigations can be a very stressful time. Sometimes talking to someone can help.  If you would like to speak to a nurses on our Nurseline we are available from Monday to Thursday 9-8pm and Friday – Sunday 9-5pm.


Cancer Nurse

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