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posted by kerrie
25 July 2020


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Hi so I felt discomfort underneath my armpit about 4 weeks ago while shaving in the shower I left it thinking maybe a swollen gland then a few days ago I felt it again 1 evening while watching tv so I felt around and near the edge of my armpit there was a lump I kept feeling and then felt a lump on my breast all on the left side yesterday morning when I woke the top of my arm felt dead or heavy I called go and went in for a check up he also could feel both he said there is a lot of pain and discomfort there and inflammation there is family history of breast cancer my nanny died from breast cancer at 46 and some of her daughters have had lumps removed not sure if they were cancerous though but I’m only turning 30 in 3 weeks time I have 4 kids 1 who is autistic adhd and odd his twin has intellectual disabilities and the youngest is possibly adhd although not diagnosed yet I’m very worried because of this my gp has reffered me to breast clinic said I will be seen within 6 weeks he prescribed inflammatory tablets and gave me difene for pain should I be worried or could it be nothing

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commented by Cancer Nurse
29 July 2020

6 months ago


Thank you for your post, I can see that you are distressed waiting to see the doctor in the breast clinic . Would you like to give us a call on the CancerNurseline on 1800200700 and we help support you at this worrying time . Regards Cancer Nurse

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