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posted by Emm
28 November 2021

Help! Cancer suspected!

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Hi all, I attended the A&E about 3 months ago because of a hard lump and pain in my neck and my voice is hoarse too.
The doctor told me they suspect cancer and are concerned for me and they needed to see me within 2 weeks but I later received an appointment letter for 4 months time.
My pain got worse and I started losing weight unexplainably and feeling generally unwell. GP later sent me for an ultrasound which showed a solid nodule in my thyroid. He sent the hospital a letter for me to be seen urgently but no word yet.
Prior to this, I have suffered from an undiagnosed severe abdominal pain and constipation for 5 years and colon polyps were found over 2 years ago.
Please can anyone advise me on what to do because I think I am having a serious health issue that needs an urgent medical attention.

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commented by Jenni53
28 November 2021

10 months ago

Hi Emm

You should ring your GP and get them to get on to the hospital to chase up your appointment.

Hope this helps.


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