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posted by mrsmaggot
21 July 2020

Breast lump

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Hi all. I found a lump on my breast three weeks ago now. There is a history of breast cancer on in my maternal grandmother and great aunt. I’m only 36 but I’m really worried. I went straight to the gp who feels it is a cyst but because of my family history she said she would refer me urgently to the symptomatic breast clinic and I would be seen within 3 weeks.

I’ve been going out of my mind with worry. I had heard nothing and rang a few times - today I learned that I have been triaged as a routine appointment and I will get an appointment at some stage’. I don’t even have a date. I am now sitting up crying and worried and I’m so angry that someone along the line hasn’t taken me seriously enough. I inquired about going private to my gp and she said there was no need, that I’d be seen within 3 weeks.

I’ve looked at the breast clinic referral for pathways and it states that if I have a unilateral discrete mass I am considered an urgent referral. I can’t understand how I am considered routine with a lump and a family history.

I know that I should be ok age wise but I also know a women a few years older than me who is currently going through chemotherapy and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so anxious and angry.

Can anyone shed any light on what has happened here and why the clinic are shrugging their shoulders? Thank you and I hope everyone’s ok xx



commented by Cancer Nurse
29 July 2020

6 months ago


Thank you for your post, I can see that you are distressed waiting to see the doctor. Would you like to give us a call on the CancerNurseline on 1800200700 and we help clarify and answer your question. Kind Regards Cancer Nurse

commented by mrsmaggot
29 July 2020

6 months ago

Thanks - just a wee update from me.

I contacted my gp who thankfully called the clinic and got me a priority appointment for the next day. It turns out I do have breast cancer but from the mammogram/ultrasound it appears to be confined to the breast so far (though surgery will tell a lot more and I don’t know the type of cancer - however the outline of the mass is very well defined and while there’s some spots of calcification the lymph nodes and blood vessels look clear on the scan). I was feeling like maybe I was being overly dramatic in demanding to be seen but I’m so relieved I advocated for myself because if I had to wait until October (which was my initial appointment) who knows how much this would have spread.

If anyone is reading this and is worried about not being seen quickly enough - PLEASE make sure you are seen and make sure that you are your own best advocate. I could be facing into a very different journey had I waited.

I’m still really scared and I’m very anxious about my treatment plan appointment in the morning but at least I’m in the right hands now.

Wishing you all the very best xx

commented by mo2020
16 September 2020

5 months ago


Just saw your post and wanted to comment that you are 100% correct.

I got diagnosed at the end of June. I had to take things into my hands also as I was told I would be waiting 14-16 weeks for an ultrasound.

I am 36, was breastfeeding and have no family history of breast cancer - but something felt really wrong to me.

After using all the contacts we had I managed to get an ultrasound 2 weeks after seeing my GP.

I begin treatment on Monday also so scared. I hope all is going well for you xx

commented by Netgroups
04 August 2020

6 months ago

Hi there,

Just saw both your posts and wanted to wish you well. I was diagnosed at Christmas and had surgery in January, so I can imagine how you’re feeling. Mind yourself and you’ll get through this a day at a time.

All the best,


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