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posted by Kazod
18 November 2020

Breast Cancer

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this website so I'd like to just say I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe from the virus.

I had Breast Cancer 6 years ago which thankfully only required a lumoectomy and a month of radiation. However, last Friday I had to have a Breast MRI and the nurse rang me today with results. She said that the Radiologist reported changes and they were areas of enhancements but that they think it's hormonal and maybe I had my period at the time. I had a full Hysterectomy when I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. Im wondering has anyone else heard of this and whether I should take them at their word or demand more tests. I'm very nervous tonight. She also said that the Consultant hasn't signed off on it yet. What's your advice anyone. Thanks in advance ❤️❤️



commented by grasshopper
26 November 2020

3 months ago

Hi Kazod, I see no one has replied, so, as someone who is now at stage 4, without having any symptoms ( breast cancer 2003 - lumpectomy) found out purely by accident that it had progressed to stage4. Without scaring you, I would definitely ask for more tests, and don't take no for an answer...

commented by ari2020
27 November 2020

3 months ago

Hi Kazod,

I'm in my first go around on Pre surgery chemo at the moment. Diagnosed 2 mths ago following triple assessment, they ordered MRI to measure my lump/ check for any other areas of concern. From this they spotted something they could not rule out as normal, so I ended up getting another Ultra Sound, which led to second Core Biopsy and Mammo (it came back normal tissue in end).

No harm in asking if a follow up Ultrasound can assist in confirming. Whether this is the correct follow up for you may depend on other factors that are different to mine, but as grasshopper says do ask.

Best of luck to both of you.


commented by Kathleen
27 November 2020

3 months ago

Hi Kazod,

I had breast cancer 9 years ago, ER + with 4 impacted lymph nodes. After my surgery, chemo and radiation treatment as follow up I have had mammograms and ultrasound scans every year until last year when my doctor suggested I had an MRI as an extra precaution. I understood that she wanted to have a baseline image for possible comparisons in the future. What they referred to as a "focus" showed up on the MRI so I had another MRI 6 months later which showed no change.

I have a third MRI next week and if there is still no change I'll just be back to mammograms and ultrasound. Very tiny differences show up on MRI that are sometimes not confirmed by other tests.

In your case I would definitely push for a mammogram and ultrasound.

Take care


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