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posted by oldblueeyes
10 October 2020

Breast abscess 48

Last reply: 4 months ago

Gp referred to breast clinic as he thought abscess in left breast so have antibiotics etc have osteoarthritis since twenties so thought soreness was that am very surprised as 48 and long finished babies but know I’m menopause but still a little worry as My left boob lump but no discharge red and stuck downward have no temp just fatigue ..wish I knew this bout menopause as a little worry have apt v soon feel a bit silly

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commented by Cancer Nurse
19 October 2020

4 months ago

Hi oldblueeyes,


Thanks for posting.  I’m sorry that you have been unwell recently, I hope that you are feeling better after having antibiotics.  With any breast changes, many women do feel worried, you did the right thing by visiting your GP to examine the lump in your left breast, it is standard practice for a GP to refer to a breast clinic when an acute abscess is suspected.  Please do not hesitate to contact our support line on 1800 200 700 if you would like any advice or support.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse

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