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posted by georgie76
29 January 2023

Biopsy results question

Last reply: 05 February 2023 20:46

Wondering if someone can help? I am awaiting results of a breast biopsy-2.5 weeks between biopsy and results appointment. Wondering if anyone felt lumpier after the biopsy? And if this is normal. Also wondering if the hospital (mater breast clinic) will indicate if you should bring someone with you? I know that over covid-that wasn’t happening-but has anyone recently diagnose been advised to bring a supportive person with them? Don’t want to go alone if I’m getting back news-but equally don’t want people taken days off for no reason. Thanks so much for any help y oh can give me.



commented by Jenni53
30 January 2023

30 January 2023 12:28

Hi georgie76

Sorry to hear that you are waiting on a diagnosis of breast cancer. I didn't feel any lumpier after my biopsy which I had over two years ago. I don't know about the Mater breast clinic but when I went for my appointment after my biopsy I was allowed to bring someone with me and that was during the height of the pandemic.

They should say in the appointment letter that you can bring someone with you if it's bad new, which hopefully it won't be but if they don't give them a ring and ask if you can bring someone with you.

Wishing you the best of luck with your results and hopefully it will be good news.

Best wishes

commented by indigoalice
01 February 2023

01 February 2023 12:47

Hi Georgie, Im on the same road as you. Hopefully you will get an excellent prognosis.I wish you well.
After an extensive biopsy to my left breast, 2 weeks ago, I am bruised and sore. When I lay my palm on the area I can feel the mass.I had never discovered any issue before my diagnosis.But I did see changes. There have little marker beads inserted to mark the offending area. And sometimes I get little sharp pains. I have discussed this with breast cancer nurse in hospital and she assured me these things are normal. Idk if any of this helps.x

commented by georgie76
05 February 2023

05 February 2023 17:23

Thank you all. I just wanted to update in case it helps anyone. I got a phone call before my appointment and was given my results over the phone-benign cyst-so didn’t need to go in. Was reassured that the lumpiness was normal also. Best wishes to everyone

commented by Jenni53
05 February 2023

05 February 2023 20:46

That’s great news georgie76. I’m delighted for you.

Best wishes

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