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posted by ShivS
06 April 2023

Biopsy results

Last reply: 22 April 2023 16:36

Hi I have just received an appointment for my biopsy results on 2 breast lumps. The appointment came through 1 week after my biopsy. Is it normally this quick? I was told 2-4 weeks initially. There’s no mention to bring anyone to the appointment but I don’t know if that’s standard procedure since Covid or if it’s because it’s all ok. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight? Fairly nervous. Thanks.



commented by libra1975
09 April 2023

09 April 2023 13:40

Hi shivs, I totally understand how you feel. My biopsy results took a week as well. I was told to bring someone on the initial appointment. I am in Donegal, I don't know if other hospitals have different procedures. I definitely would bring someone along. Hopefully you will receive good news, I know the waiting and not knowing is nerve wrecking. Try to distract yourself (easier said than done) with things that make you happy. Wishing you all the best, Bianca

commented by ShivS
20 April 2023

20 April 2023 17:36

Thank you for your reply. My appointment was yesterday & even though they were benign they still aren’t happy as they said the feel & scans are suspicious. So I have an excision & test booked for Tuesday. 🤞🏻

commented by jop
22 April 2023

22 April 2023 13:05

Hi everybody,
Can’t believe I’m posting here. Heading for a biopsy results on Tuesday and I’m really trying to hold it together, don’t have any medication, but really wish I did. Going to bring my sister with me because after the ultrasound I was alone, and I kind of fell apart. Always a good idea to have some support I think.

commented by libra1975
22 April 2023

22 April 2023 16:36

Hi, I agree with you, you should always bring someone with you. I wish you good luck and that you receive good news. I know how scary it is. I was the a year ago. Last Thursday I finished my treatment and just wait for my follow up appointment. All I can say is, I was so scared when they told me I have stage 2 breast cancer, but the consultants and especially the nurses are so great and reassuring. And that year flew by.
Hopefully both of you will receive good news. Take care, Bianca

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