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posted by rubyfluff2020
15 December 2020

awaiting results of mammogram

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Hi There,
I had a mammogram last week after finding a lump. I had to wait 8 weeks for appointment so i just reallly want to get the results after such a long wait! I was told no news is good news. I went to vincents hospital and am just wondering has anyone else had to wait 2 weeks even if something is found. My mind is going crazy.I still have the lump and pain in collerbone. They didnt do an examination, just the mammogram. Thanks so much in advance



commented by Vision
19 December 2020

2 months ago

Hi rubyfluff2020. I had my annual mammogram in mid July this year. They saw something suspicious so had ultrasound same week, then 2 weeks later, biopsy was performed. It was another 2 weeks before results which was a diagnosis of early breast cancer which I received the end of August. So it took 6 weeks in total for a result. I'm lucky it was found early. I'm not sure if covid is affecting appointment waiting times, but I wouldn't worry that your waiting that long as I'm sure if it was serious the hospital would act quickly. Let me know how you get on

commented by ari2020
24 December 2020

2 months ago

Hey ruby,

I went to Vincent's in Sept and Covid was not impacting timing then.

My age and lump got me in quickly and they were very up front that my situation was quite suspicious once they saw me.

They told me the wait is 1-2 weeks usually. I got my diagnosis a week later, as I had biopsy on day one (I think it depends on presentation if they do this at that time).

Hopefully the slightly slower time frame you are experiencing is due to the likelihood it is less suspicious.

It is a tough time of year and with Covid making everything harder. I hope you have family around to distract you, the waiting was a pain in the a$$.

I'm half way through chemo now and getting there. The team in Vincent's have been great but hopefully you don't need to find that out!!!


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