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posted by Catlover
24 August 2022

Recovering from Treatment

Last reply: 3 months ago

Hello I finished treatment for Breast Cancer last April 2021. I had Chemotherapy and Radiation. I still have a lot of tiredness. I would really appreciate it if anybody who has gone through the same thing could give me advise about this.



commented by Jenni53
25 August 2022

3 months ago

Hi Catlover

I finished treatment for breast cancer in October 2021 so I'm a bit behind you. What I found helped was getting out in the fresh air even if it was for only a short walk. I also rested when I needed to.

I hope this helps somewhat.

Best wishes

commented by lotusflower
27 August 2022

3 months ago

Hi Catlover, I had surgery & radiotherapy this year and the fatigue is a constant reminder. I agree with Jenni53, I go for a walk twice a day, some days further than others , and try to rest a bit at weekends as I find work very tiring. I am also on lexatrole and think that is adding to the tiredness as I have put on weight since starting it. The joys of it all! Be kind to yourself and hopefully the tiredness will lift soon x

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