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posted by Michael Leahy
28 November 2020

Thyroid cancer and big operation

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Hi All

40 year old male with papillary thyroid cancer , had spread to lymph nodes so needed a big operation to remove thyroid and lymph nodes in chest

I am two weeks post op and recovering well physically but i am so depressed and anxious. I am on anti depressants for a few years and was doing really well but now im very low.

My wife is really supportive and my GP wants to increase my SSRI dose which i will be doing but i have no appetite and feeling crap in general. I know i just have to try and get through these days but its so hard, i want to get some sleeping aids to help me sleep better until i recover but of course im afraid to take these

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commented by Cancer Nurse
08 December 2020

2 months ago

Dear Michael

I am sorry to read all that you have been through and how depressed you are feeling. It is good that you are reaching out for support ,that your GP is involved and that your wife is very supportive. Nonetheless it is indeed very hard for you to feel well especially when it is only 2 weeks post surgery. Although you feel physically well you have been through a lot- extensive surgery, anaesthetic, pain and the whole trauma of the diagnosis and naturally this will make you feel emotionally worse.

I wonder if you phoned our support line and talked to a cancer nurse about how you are feeling. We are here to listen and offer any support we can. You mention that you have no appetite and no doubt feeling fatigued. We can suggest tips around this, post you our books and can also discuss our counselling service. Our number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm.

Kind regards

Cancer nurse.


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