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posted by Bud36
03 November 2020

Thyroid Cancer

Last reply: 3 months ago

Have recently been diagnosed with minimal invasive thyroid cancer. I discovered a lump which was quite large which was removed and tested and results came back as above. I now have been told I need other half removed and will need RAI treatment. Am nervous.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
10 November 2020

3 months ago

Dear Bud36,

I’m very sorry to read about your recent diagnosis, it is understandable to feel nervous and a range of other emotions such as shock, fear or distress after receiving this news.  Would you like to call our support line to speak with a cancer nurse about what is happening?  Our number is 1800 200 700 and we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Kind regards,

 Cancer nurse.

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