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posted by Beechfield34
10 April 2021


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This week has been the worst week of my life. Diagnosed with Breast cancer on wed. It’s in the lymph nodes too. I’ve to get chemo , surgery and radiotherapy. Next week a bone scan and then a PET scan. I feel and look healthy but I’m terrified the cancer has spread everywhere and I’m terrified of chemo . I work from home so I plan to continue to do that. My emotions are all over the place. Ok one min and actually having panic attacks the next min. Each day is a struggle . I know I have harder days ahead . I’m so worried. I’m in shock. I’m avoiding telling people as it makes it so “real”. Anyone else in the same boat ?



commented by Cancer Nurse
12 April 2021

1 month ago


I do hope you will hear from other ladies here who have gone through this very distressing time and how they coped. I just wanted you to know that you can also phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse at 1800 200 700. We are here to help you in any way that we can-whether it is coping with this distress, answering questions regarding your treatment or how to deal with work related concerns & entitlements.

We can also put you in touch with another lady from our peer to peer support who has been through chemotherapy for breast cancer and will understand the emotions involved. Here are some other suggestions regarding support you might find helpful at this time including our counselling service.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

commented by Iamstrong
12 April 2021

1 month ago

Hello, I hope you're doing ok.
I have just finished chemo for breast cancer and had a mastectomy last year.
It is all very very scary but you will get through it. You'll get through it because you have to. It's hard and it's intense but it's doable.
I was petrified before chemo but the nurses and staff in the oncology units make sure you are as comfortable as you can be and I strongly advise lots of walking and time outside to just get yourself in a good head space. Also avail of any counselling that is made available to you. It really does help.
Stay strong and keep going. Take care. X

commented by froggy75
22 April 2021

26 days ago

That’s great advice and I’m going to take your tips on board also. Hope you are doing well. Take care xx

commented by Jenni53
13 April 2021

1 month ago


How are you doing? I've just been through Breast Cancer and while Chemo is scary it's doable.

I found telling my friends and family about my Cancer useful and I am getting loads of support which I find very uplifting. I even set up a WhatsApp account about my journey and asked my closest family and friends to join up so I could keep them updated on my progress.
There is a lot of support out there which does help so do avail of it.
Good Luck with your treatment and take care.

commented by Babyboo
17 April 2021

1 month ago

I hope your doing ok.
For me the hardest part was waiting to find out if my breast cancer had spread. It is in my breast and lymph nodes but hasn’t spread any further thank god.
I’ve 5 weeks of chemo left and have found it very manageable. Apart from being tired I have minimal side effects. The nurses are so helpful and kind. They give lots of great advice.
I found telling family and friends I had cancer tough but talking about treatment etc was fine, just actually saying the words “I have cancer” can be very tough.
The time goes so quick. Every week comes and goes so fast.
Do whatever is best and easiest for you. It’s time to think about yourself and focus on getting well again. I told my closest friends by phone and sent group txt to others. I found giving a fair bit of info better cos you didn’t get loads of questions. It can get irritating being asked the same questions all the time.

I hope you get on well with treatment, best of luck.

commented by froggy75
22 April 2021

26 days ago

My heart goes out to you and I know how you feel. It is scary and it can be very lonely too as people don’t know how you’re feeling inside. I’m newly diagnosed and thankfully I don’t need chemo, just radiotherapy and tamoxifen. But I have found that by telling all family and friends I have cancer has made it easier and the support is great. Don’t deal with this in your own, I get where you’re coming from that by saying the words makes it feel real... but it is real unfortunately so tell people and they will be there for you. I wish you nothing but the best. The waiting is torture. But stay strong and keep your head space right, I’m going to get counseling as I feel that my emotions are all over the place and I’m dealing with other close family illness also. Look after yourself first and foremost. You can and will do this. Sending you big hugs 🤗 xx

commented by Funkychicken
02 May 2021

15 days ago

Hi there im sorry to hear this and can relate to how you are feeling I am a lung cancer survivor and was so scared.... I kept a positive mind..... got help and support from cancer support and daffodil day centre they were fantastic Telling my kids and family/friends was the hardest but was good to be able to talk cry with them off load I had counselling through cancer support which helped Now i share my story and experiences with others You will get through this because u have to....sending you best wishes on ur journey Stay strong You got this xxx❤

commented by Jenni53
05 May 2021

12 days ago


Hope you are doing ok and that things are a little less scary for you now.
Best wishes

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