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posted by Olivia
21 September 2021

Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Last reply: 7 months ago

Hi I found a lump in my breast about 6 weeks ago and was diagnosed yesterday with Stage 3 breast cancer and was told is an agressive type. I was quite surprised as I thought I had caught this early but I had also been down to my doctor with excruitating back pain and before I was diagnosed he thought it might be arithis. I had been waiting for a scan for my back but now the cancer has been diagnosed I am awaiting on a scan on my back to see if it has spread. Just wondering has anyone been through anything similar.



commented by Amy21
26 September 2021

7 months ago

Something similar, found a lump - diagnosed with breast cancer. They still havent told me what stage it is at - have to have ct scan and bone isotope scan. Was back in last week for another mammogram 3D one and ultrasound, then they sprung a surprise on me to do another biopsy. Was really pissed off as prefer to know in advance what tests I need to have as then better able to mentally prepare. Also feel as if everything is being done to me and nobody is telling me anything, even when I asked the breast care nurse about the additional mammogram and ultrasound she could have told me there was a possibility that I would need another biopsy. And not when you are at your most vulnerable lying on a table with your breast hanging out - oh the doctor will be in in a minute to do a biopsy!!!! Good luck with your treatment journey.

commented by Alishan
29 September 2021

7 months ago

Very sorry to hear that, it's a terrible blow. Come here and "vent" whenever you feel like it, it does help. I used an app called Ankr to help me in the fight. I think it's free and available on app store (iPhone) -- search for Ankr - Cancer care companion. I've found them very helpful. Wishing you all the best.

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