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posted by dublinsouth1
16 May 2022

Prostatectomy query

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Hi all,
I am a 44 year old man who only last week was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. while I am considered very young to have cancer of the prostate I think I am lucky that it was spotted so early. however there is always doubt and worry.
I am due to to have a full radical Prostatectomy at some stage over the summer. I am just hoping to speak to somebody else who may have had an RP. Specifically I wanted to know what life is like after the procedure.. Specifically around continence and erectile function etc?

Nice to meet you all and now be part of this community.



commented by willp
18 May 2022

6 months ago

Hi I am 57 and was diagnosed in September 2021, with stage 3 , psa was 3.89 before I had radical prostatectomy in March 22,
recovery is still ongoing, Psa level has dropped to 0.63 , repeat blood in june hopefully with 0 Psa , please
be mindful it will take time, my continence has improved to about 80% , erectile function is still low, be prepared for some pelvic discomfort for the first couple of weeks, the biggest thing I found was the dealing with the cancer diagnosis & awaiting bloods to be finally be in remission, As I’m sure your aware it is a fast process once you are diagnosed, hopefully this helps, best of luck

commented by PeteB
26 May 2022

6 months ago

I am just a little way ahead of you. I was diagnosed with localised prostate cancer and because I already suffered urinary symptoms ( enlarged prostate) an RP was the obvious choice. I had surgery at The Beacon (robotic) and the catheter came out just today. The incontinence isn't too bad and my worry about leaking pads currently not an issue, they really are super absobent ! I'll let you know how I get on over the next while. A friend of mine had the same last year and his continence now fine. That's definitely something to look forward to ! Best of luck !

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