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posted by twig88
21 August 2022

Meeting Oncologist

Last reply: 04 September 2022 17:19

Hi I’m just wondering how long you be waiting to meet with your oncologist?
I had my surgery (lumpectomy) on 28th July and my follow up appointment on the 12th August and was told I’d be meeting with my oncologist to discuss starting chemotherapy but i haven’t received any appointments yet. I’m just eager to get started.



commented by libra1975
21 August 2022

21 August 2022 14:01

Hi Twig88,
i know the feeling of wanting to get started. I was the same. I had my lumpectomy on 8th Feb and I started chemotherapy in April. I met my oncologist on 9th march, so about four weeks after surgery. And they called me for the appointment a week before that. Hope that helps you and wishing you a good recovery from your surgery and all the best, Bianca

commented by twig88
21 August 2022

21 August 2022 15:56

Awe thank you so much Bianca, I hope everything is going well for you.

commented by Oscarsgirl
04 September 2022

04 September 2022 17:19

Call them up and don’t take no for an answer !
Call every day until they give you the answer they u need!

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