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posted by Laurabaird83
28 October 2020


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My mum has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma relapse stage 4, but that's all we know because they can not operate as she is very frail, she had Non-Hogkin's Lymphoma back in 2009, and she had beaten it, only to return in her chest (though again, not 100% sure which it is) they can't do Chemo as she is not going to be able to handle it. we are not even sure that she would be able to handle Radiotherapy, we are waiting to see the Radiotherapydoctor who will check and see if she is able to that but the outcome looks bleak. I'm just numb, have been just getting on with it, and being a good daughter and carer.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
28 October 2020

3 months ago

Dear Laura

I am so very sorry to read that your Mum’s lymphoma has relapsed and that she is very frail and may not be able for further treatment. The radiotherapist will discuss your Mum’s cancer also with her oncologist at a multidisciplinary team and together they will discuss what your Mum might benefit from. I cannot begin to imagine how hard this is for you. Being a good daughter and carer was and will continue to be such invaluable support to your Mum and so very important. I hope it will help you too to know you are doing everything you can. However it might help you to lean on us here. You can phone our support line and speak to one of our cancer nurses- we can talk about all of this and help you prepare questions for her team. We also have a free counselling service you &/or your Mum could avail of. Our number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon- Fri 9-5pm.

Kind regards

Cancer nurse.

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