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posted by Monica
21 February 2020

Husband just diagnosed with Lymphoma

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Hi All

My name is Monica, and my husband has just been diagnosed with lymphoma of the skin. We have yet to be told what stage, but we know it is a very rare cancer and that success rates can be very good if caught in the early stages. It can often be misdiagnosed as Psoriasis, and sadly, for the last four years, that is what has happened to my husband since the lesions first appeared. I am so scared for him but trying to keep up a brave face. Was wondering if anyone in the online community had any advice or experience of this type of diagnosis
Thanks so much

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commented by Cancer Nurse
02 March 2020

25 days ago

Dear Monica,


Thank you for posting, I’m sorry to read your husband has been diagnosed with a rare lymphoma, I’m sure it was a shock for you all given that he thought he had psoriasis for the past four years.  It can be a stressful time waiting for test results, if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for any support or advice please call the Nurseline on 1800200700.


Kind Regards


Cancer Nurse

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