Newly diagnosed
posted by Pete47
28 November 2020

Esophagal cancer

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Hi everyone
My name is Peter and I'm 47 , I was diagnosed with esophagal cancer yesterday, I also have some suspicious spots on my liver that needs checking. I'm waiting to be referred to Mercy hospital in Cork. I made the mistake of googling everything and I'm absolutely terrified and feel as I'm falling apart at the seems. Please any advice would greatly be appreciated. 😥😥



commented by oconnh02
01 December 2020

3 months ago

Peter, so sorry to hear about your diagnoses. It is normal to be terrified. It is natural to google but do stick to the government sites, so sites ending with .org .uk etc. Avoid discussion boards and threads or at the very least don’t invest in the “ advice and/or information” you read there about your condition. Cancer care in Ireland is great is the waiting you have to get used to......a lot of waiting. The nurses on this site are great if you want to give them a call. I am currently dealing with a second breast cancer diagnosis myself......fifteen years after the first and I do feel confident I will get through it again. Take all the professional advice you can, Peter. I find that once the treatment plan starts it becomes easier to manage the fear. The very best of luck to you ❤️🙏🌈

commented by Pete47
01 December 2020

3 months ago

Thank you so much for your very kind words, and your good advice. It definitely is the waiting that I'm finding the hardest ... that and my mind running amok. I'm sure when I start some sort of treatment I will better be able grasp my diagnosis. God bless you on your journey and I wish you the very best for the future.❤🙏🙏

commented by oconnh02
02 December 2020

3 months ago

You are most welcome Peter ❤️🙏Helen

commented by Ceri
10 December 2020

2 months ago

I saw your post & I wanted to say hello & say that the best thing you can do is to not read too much about this online. If your curiosity is getting the better of you then set a limit as to how much time you will dwell/think about your cancer & then put it all away & keep yourself busy. Continue to live your life, get together with people, take walks & take care of yourself.

I'm just back from breast cancer surgery & before the surgery I was worried about catching an illness that might delay my surgery. I took a daily multivitamin & vitamin D & was successful at being covid free. Do your best to remain healthy, get some sleep & take it easy on yourself.

For myself, not thinking about things too much helps me cope. There are times I need reassurance of course, but I find that reading too much stresses the heck out of me. For some people reading a lot helps. See what works best for you & stresses you the least. I try to take things one day at a time & I hope that you can find what works for you.

commented by Pete47
05 January 2021

1 month ago

Thanks Ceri for your reply, I've had my first round of chemo and start next round in a week although the chemo has been tough I'm alot more positive now and like you said trying not to dwell on things or do to much research or reading on my cancer. Spending time with my wife and kids and going for walks takes up most of my time now and leaves little time for procrastination. I wish you health and well being.💛💛💛

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