Newly diagnosed
posted by LeaB
08 June 2022


Last reply: 3 months ago

Hi all.

I was diagnosed with CMML 1 on June 2nd, all very new and scary. Anyone else out there with Leukemia?

Take care



commented by lotusflower
08 June 2022

6 months ago

Hi Lea, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer but just wanted to say best of luck with your treatment i hope it all goes smoothly for you. Hopefully some one with the same diagnosis will reply & have some useful advice for you. There are a few forums including the macmillan one which might be worth checking out also. All the best x

commented by LeaB
09 June 2022

6 months ago


You are so good to reply. Hope you are doing well. I'll take all and any information you have, thank you.

commented by Bernadette51
10 August 2022

3 months ago

Hi Lea i also was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML )in june this year. Its only now I'm bringing myself to read up about it. Yes i have the leaflets but would like to get in touch with someone like yourself going though the same as I'm not sure what is considered normal. Yes its very scary to say the least.

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