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posted by Harperkelly1
05 May 2022

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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I was recently diagnosed with Breast cancer at present the consultant said its primary however ive to go into for a 2nd biopsy as 1st one was not adequate enough for lymph nodes so he said at present stage 1 but obv that could change?
I am 43 and I'm in utter shock as was not expecting this outcome my mother died at 51 of endometrial cancer and I always thought in the back of my head more of me possibly getting similar but never the breast I'm distraught like many others but especially about telling my young children and what the outcome might be just in limbo past two days



commented by libra1975
05 May 2022

7 months ago

Hello Harperkelly, so sorry you find yourself in this situation. I know how you feel. I was diagnosed in January with stage 2 breast cancer. I had surgery to remove 2 tumours in February. During that surgery they did biopsy of the nodes which were clear. I am now getting chemotherapy and targeted therapy, followed by radiotherapy and hormone therapy. I can honestly say that the waiting for results was the hardest and most nerve racking. But as soon as you get results and a treatment plan its getting easier. Its the unknown that is scary. I can't advice you about your children as I don't have any myself. But in regards to telling people I have been open about it from the beginning with family, friends and my colleagues. I've also joined online chat groups which I found really helpful and supportive. I know its tough now, but it will get better. Try to do things that make you happy. I know easier said than done. You could also contact a daffodil centre for advice and support.
I send you strength, you can do this.

commented by lotusflower
18 May 2022

6 months ago

Hi HarperKelly, I completely endorse everything that the previous poster said. I would get advice on how to tell your children, there is support / advise on this site . Mine were older but it is a shock to all the family. I was open with everyone also, and again there are great online support groups. You will get through this and meet great people on the way. Take one step at a time and get lots of fresh air it definitely helps. Best wishes x

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