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posted by Trishmary
21 August 2015

Looking for help- grief

Last reply: 7 years ago

I am new to this message board but am looking for help. I Lost my mum to breast cancer, it is coming up to the fourth year anniversary and I am still lost in grief, what is wrong with me, I know part of it is that I cant accept that she is gone I so dont want her to be



commented by Snowy
25 August 2015

7 years ago

Dear TRishmary,
So Sorry that you are in such grief. I lost my husband to lung cancer and I have stage 4 myself. Don't know what to say. I too was lost in grief and sometimes still am. Do you have someone to share how you feel, sibling, aunt.

commented by Trishmary
27 August 2015

7 years ago

Hi Dolly,
Thank you so much for your reply. My phone broke so had none for the last few days. I am so sorry to hear about your husband and that you have your own cancer too, that must be horrible. Thank you for sharing your grief with me it means alot, although I have to honestly say I dontknow what you are going through as I dont have it myself, I just know I dont like the stuff-in fact I hate it. My dad also has it and I hate seeing him go through it. Yes, my friends are very supportive and I have jusy been in touch with a place called ARC they are another support group. I wonder if there is somthing like that for you. They are a good group where you can talk or not if you dont know what to say. The cancer helpline helped me to find them

commented by Margaret
31 August 2015

7 years ago

Dear Trishmary, I am glad you have found ARC, they are wonderful. Sometimes it is useful seeking help from non family members as it can be easier to express your feelings openly with qualified people. I am positive ARC will assist you with your grief. Well done you have taken a positive first step.

commented by Trishmary
17 September 2015

7 years ago

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for your message. Sorry I have not been on this message board but I lost my job so am busy looking for another. Hope you are well Margaret and thanks again for your support. Being on this message board that you have your own troubles and I wish you well.

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