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posted by carr21
11 April 2021

MDT meeting

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Hello. This is my first post and im looking for advice. I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. My local hospital suspected womb cancer so i was referred up to see a Gynacological oncologist who did a d&c which came back clear, but due to large fibroids he booked me in for hysterectomy. Following surgery he didnt give me any cause to think that he found anything suspicious. I know that some others, who had the same op as me at the time , have had a call from the hospital to confirm that their pathology tests came back clear. I however have been told that my tests are back but they cannot tell me anything as it is going to an MDT meeting next week and then im to come back to the hospital a few days later to see them. Im very worried. Would you agree that this is a strong indicator that something unexpected has shown up?
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if anyone has any advice to offer id be grateful. I have nearly 2 weeks til i go back, its going to be a very long wait.......

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commented by Cancer Nurse
21 April 2021

1 year ago


I am very sorry you have this worry & that you have not had a reply from others yet.

I very much hope that the outcome of the MDT meeting will be that if there were any abnormal cells in the womb, that your surgery has been successful in treating this. It would be standard practice for your gynaecological oncology surgeon to want to hear from the pathologist, and others in the MDT their opinion following your hysterectomy. Also arranging to see you the following week would be standard practice. As we do not know if there was any cancer cells found in the lining of your womb, it is nonetheless important to remember that most cancers of the womb are slow growing.

As this is an anxious time you might find it helpful to see your GP especially if you are finding it hard to sleep. You are always welcome to phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse at 1800 200 700. Meanwhile try to stick to a routine with plenty of exercise, healthy food and try and stay away from stimulants like coffee/wine and I hope you will get good night’s sleep. Writing down your questions for your meeting is also recommended.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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