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posted by ladybird
06 August 2020

Medical card

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Can u apply for a discretionary medical after been diagnosed. Is it means tested

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commented by Cancer Nurse
10 August 2020

2 years ago

Hi ladybird

I’m very sorry that you have been diagnosed with cancer.  As well as having a physical and emotional impact, cancer can have a huge financial impacts which adds to the worry and stress.  If your income is above the limit of the means test, you may still be able to obtain a discretionary medical card if your circumstances would result in hardship without one.

The citizens information and the HSE have further information on their websites about the discretionary medical card and how to apply.  We encourage people to apply for a medical card on a discretionary basis if they are above the means test.  The social worker or liaison nurse in the hospital where you are having your treatment may be able to help you with your application and write a letter to support your application. 

If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail, please call us on 1800 200 700 to speak with a cancer nurse.  We have supports available such as counselling that are free of charge.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.

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