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posted by aoibh92
07 July 2020

How do I find out if my health insurance covers further treatment if required or should I wait or public appointment?


I am 27 and noticed a small lump in my breast in May. On the 17th of June I saw my GP as the lump had grown. She referred me to the Breast Clinic and marked my referral as urgent and said that I should be seen within 2 weeks usually, but it may take a little longer with Covid etc.
I rang the clinic last week, 2 weeks after having been referred, as I still had no appointment and they weren't able to tell me when I would get one. I am worried about this lump so I rang the GP again and asked if she could refer me privately, which she did on the 2nd of July. I now have an appointment for the 15th of July privately and still have no public appointment.

I am trying to figure out the following:
- If I attend the consultant privately does that mean that if I require further treatment after the initial visit it would all be done privately?
- If so how do I go about figuring out what my insurance would cover or not?

Any advice very much appreciated,


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