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posted by rubiablanch
09 November 2021


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Hi there
Aswell as having metastatic cancer i’m also concerned about money.
Any policies I have are for when I die but I need it more for while I’m still here. Has anyone been given good advice on this? Thanks so much x



commented by Cancer Nurse
29 November 2021

1 year ago

Dear Rubia

Thank you for posting on our online community. I am sorry to see you have not had a reply yet.

It must be very difficult for you, dealing with a diagnosis of metastatic cancer and being worried about money. Unfortunately having a cancer diagnosis certainly has an impact on ones finances. I see your query is specifically about your policies. The information we have on our site is regarding ‘Entitlements and Benefits’. We do have contact details on our Life Insurance information regarding financial brokers etc. Many people would find MABS a great resource for financial advice.

We are all cancer nurses here and if we can be of any help regarding this do phone us. We would also very much like to support you through this diagnosis. Our phone number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon- Fri 9-5pm

Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse

commented by RecoveredEndometrial
06 December 2021

1 year ago

Hi Rubiablanch,

So sorry to hear about your struggles. I just finished treatment and was in the extremely lucky situation that my employer supported me financially. If you're working, have you asked them?

But there are also other resources available, ARC have a good list here

If you have friends/family, don't hesitate to ask them for help with transportation etc. either to save costs there. I only told a very small group of people about my diagnosis and they were all eager to help with getting me to hospital, cooking meals and things like that.

And for day to day expenses, if you talk to your providers for electricity etc., they may allow you to pay in installments.

Hope you can find a way to reduce this stress.


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