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posted by fridgemagnet
13 July 2018

Dealing with the authorities after death of my wife.

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I'm depressed after the death of my wife from lung cancer. She survived the cancer, but never recovered from the treatment, and was bedridden for a couple of years, before dying. We were separated, she living in the UK, me in Ireland. Helping her out, and, in the end, burying her, was difficult, as the Irish part of my pension (I'm 70)
is non-contributory, so I am allowed only 2 weeks a year out of the country. I have exceeded this allowance, and am now up for a pension review.
To make matters more wearing, my youngest daughter (27 yrs) is mentally ill, and very difficult, and now needs my help, but I am already over my allowed 2 weeks.
My question is - is there any organisation that can help me with the relevant authorities?

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
18 July 2018

4 years ago


I am sorry to hear of your circumstances. Unfortunately as nurses, finance is not our area of expertise. We would however suggest you speak to the community welfare officer in your local health centre. If the outcome of your pension review is unsatisfactory you can appeal this through the social welfare appeals office.

Kind regards

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