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posted by dasuat
08 April 2022

Breast Cancer Health Insurance

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I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. First chemo session last week. My question is, is there anyone who can advise on health insurance other than the insurance company? I have been public so far and it has been excellent. I have private insurance but I don’t really understand how it works and when I rang the insurer, they were very vague in answering my questions. I wanted to know if I was covered to be treated privately and they kept coming out with things like- well you can choose to see your consultant privately in the public hospital. After much pressing (and I tears) they said I was covered). I am happy to go public but not if it gets my insurance company off the hook and ends up costing the tax payer! I just want clear answers. I find it disgraceful that they were not more straight with me! When I went for my first breast check I clicked the “have insurance” box and just assumed whatever cover I had would kick in! Obviously not. I am wrecked from chemo but this is niggling at me. Any advice? Thanks



commented by lotus
09 April 2022

09 April 2022 13:14

Hi Dasuet, I was diagnosed in Dec 22 so still quite new to this. You should have a list of what’s covered in your policy, disgraceful how they were reluctant to confirm your entitlement when they you phoned! I too was through breast check initially and they were wonderful. I reverted after surgery to private via my health insurance as you can pick your oncologist and also have a choice of where to do your radiotherapy. I didn’t realise that except my GP gave me that info and recommended Oncologist. I hope this helps, it’s hard enough without the worry of what path to take. I am waiting weeks for Radiotherapy and unable to get a date it can feel like there is no where to turn. All the best with your treatment x

commented by dasuat
10 April 2022

10 April 2022 08:17

Thank you, best of luck to you too

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