Living with cancer
posted by Irish Cancer Society
17 November 2020

Take part in a cancer research study about complementary or alternative medicine

The Clinical Nutrition & Oncology Research Group in University College Cork are conducting a national survey looking at what types of complementary or alternative medicine cancer patients/survivors are using throughout the cancer journey and how they feel about complementary or alternative medicine.

They’re hoping to be able to use the responses to see how best to support patients who wish to use these therapies and how best to discuss this within the hospital setting.

If you or anybody you know has had or still has cancer, and was treated in Ireland, they would love to hear from you.

They are looking to hear from people who have used complementary or alternative medicine and those who have not.

You can sign up for the online/telephone survey here and if you are interested, they will also be organising more in-depth telephone interviews to hear peoples' opinions on this topic.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up and the online survey takes about 45 minutes but you will get an email link where you can access it as many times as you need to complete it, and your responses will be saved for you in between sessions.

Contact or 085 133 3050 for more information.

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