Living with cancer
posted by grasshopper
26 August 2020

So down

Last reply: 5 months ago

Hi there, today I'm feeling so low, keep thinking of how long I've left.. 2 young kids and it's so difficult to enjoy the moment and make memories as everyone is telling me to do.
I just can't do it, I'm so sad. .(metastatic breast cancer stage 4, terminal) 😥



commented by Bojangles
28 August 2020

5 months ago

Hi There, we all have those days. Don't take notice of those stupid remarks. You will make great memories with your children in your and their way. Think what you do when they need down time. Sometimes I just need to be alone.

commented by grasshopper
29 August 2020

5 months ago

Thanks Bojangles...
I'm just broken and cant seem to snap out of it .

commented by ohsorose
08 September 2020

5 months ago

It must be just dreadful for people telling you what to do, go with your own heart and gut. Feel the sad and make no excuses for it.
I do not have cancer but my husband has (2nd time round) and i am always conscious of what i say to him. I want to be supportive but never patronizing as i can only imagine how he feels.
when someone gives you advice, be honest, say you are broken and you are entitled to feel that way.
I wish you the best that life can offer at the moment. Take care

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