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posted by Rebelchick
08 July 2020

Renal Cancer

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Just wondering is any one currently going through oral chemo for renal therapy. This is my second time round on sutinent (sinutab) - the side effects are very different from the last time round - just wondering are others going though the same journey .

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commented by Cancer Nurse
21 July 2020

7 months ago


I am very sorry to see that you did not get a reply yet. There will be many others on sutent who may well be experiencing similar side-effects to you but maybe they just don’t use this forum. You could speak to your consultant or nurse specialist and see if they have any suggestions.

Meanwhile if you would like to phone our cancer Nurseline at 1800 200 700 Mon-Fri. 9-5pm or speak to one of our cancer nurses in our Daffodil centres here we would endeavour to support you at this time with advice and suggestions re what others have found helpful regarding side effects etc.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.



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