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posted by H0mepage
04 August 2022

Maintenance Herceptin

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Hi. I'm just completing my 6th chemo/herceptin session and will be going onto maintenance Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year. Have surgery and possibly radiotherapy to look forward too but putting on my positive hat I've a holiday booked layer in year (booked before diagnosis) which I'm hoping to make. Booked for a month so just wondering if anyone has experience of stretching time between injections Or getting an injection abroad? Can reduce hols to three weeks just if it was possible would be a great post treatment treat. TIA.



commented by lotusflower
06 August 2022

4 months ago

Hi H0mepage,
I was lucky enough not to have chemo so I can’t help, but I’m sure your oncologist or nurses can advise you. I just wanted to say I hope you can stretch them for the month and you have a fabulous holiday 😊

commented by H0mepage
06 August 2022

4 months ago

Thank you! 😊

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