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posted by carac
03 October 2020

How to know when your react to go back to ok

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Hi I had triple positive breast cancer so gone through surgery (March), 12 sessions chemo, 4 weeks radiotherapy and ongoing herceptin and tamoxifen. Still having loads of fatigue, joint pain etc

Just thinking about future and want anyone experience about when I could consider going back to work.

It’s difficult in COVID times to get a real sense of how long this will take - just frustrated to get back to ordinary life again

Any advice??



commented by Cancer Nurse
07 October 2020

4 months ago

Dear Cara

Thank you for posting here on our online community and hopefully you will hear back from other ladies regarding their experiences and what worked for them.

You have been through so much over the last few months. If you would find it helpful to ring our support line you can speak to a cancer nurse about how you are and your concerns regarding going back to work. We can also put you in touch with one of our ladies through our peer to peer support who will have gone through similar treatment. Meanwhile I wanted to let you know about the video posted here on our website following our ‘Living well with and Beyond Cancer’ specifically on returning to work after a cancer diagnosis which has some very practical tips I hope you will find helpful.

Best wishes

Cancer nurse.

commented by Babyboo
24 January 2021

1 month ago

hi there.
I've just started a similar journey. I never got a chance to go back to work after maternity leave as I found a breast lump when my babies were 5 mths old. I am keen to start back too but wary of the fatigue and pain also.
maybe you could start back 2 days a week or half days? it might give you a chance to ease back into it?

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