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posted by el1981
07 June 2021

Hair loss

Last reply: 1 year ago

Hi I had my 1st cycle of TC chemo 16 days ago & my hair started to fall out in clumps on sat & now 2 days later I’ve barely any hair left …I won’t b surprised if I’m completely bald in 2/3 days …I’m absolutely devastated as I didn’t expect it 2 happen so quickly to be honest



commented by Jenni53
07 June 2021

1 year ago

Hi e11981

Sorry to shear that you’ve start losing your hair so soon after starting Chemo. When I started losing my hair after my second cycle of AC I got my mother to shave the rest of it off. I was upset at first particularly when it started falling out eve ouch I was expecting it to happen. However I soon got used to having no hair and I wore a turban which I bought from Hairless Beauty on the web.

Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your treatments and be kind to yourself.

Best wishes

commented by el1981
07 June 2021

1 year ago

Thanks for the reply jenni …yeah think I’m just so upset cos it’s happened so quickly & was expecting it 2 just maybe start thinning out 1st not come out in clumps …yeah just cos u expect it doesn’t make it any easier & this is the part I was dreading the most …I’m sure I’ll b ok in a few days n prob will get rid of the rest of it myself instead of waitin 4 rest 2 come out cos I’m findin it very upsetting …I’m prepared wit my wig n all but just wasn’t prepared 4 it 2 happen so suddenly

commented by Trese
18 June 2021

1 year ago

Hi im new on here. I got my diagnosis for ovarian cancer last December.. within 7 weeks i was on chemo. 11 days later my hair started to fall out.. i had it all shaved which was devestating.. i cried so hard.. i then came off of chemo to have my surgery in april. I had a break of 9 weeks without it.. hair was growing really fast. back on chem again with 4 weeks and my hair is gone again for the second time.. is it just me or is it as hard for every woman going through this..

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