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posted by rachhh
19 March 2023

Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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My Mam passed away 3 weeks ago today, she had non Hodgkins lymphoma she went through five rounds of treatment including a car T cell.

I am so lost without she was my whole world. It was just the two of us we don everything together.

I am so lost, how to cope?



commented by Jenni53
20 March 2023

2 months ago

Hi rachhh

Condolences on the loss of your mother. If you feel up to it why not get in touch with the Irish Hospice Foundation and they can arrange free bereavement counselling for you. The number for their Bereavement Support line is 1800 80 7077.

Hope this goes some way toward helping you to cope with the loss of your mother.

Best wishes

commented by Cancer Nurse
12 April 2023

1 month ago

Dear rachhh

I am so sorry for the loss of your Mam. These weeks must be so hard for you. I do hope that you are getting support. Contacting the Irish Hospice Bereavement support line would certainly be helpful at a time like this.

You can also phone us here at the Irish Cancer Society’s support line and speak to a cancer nurse. We would very much like to support you at this time. Our Support line number is 1800 200 700. We are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm. I do hope we will hear from you.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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